Morning star’s success story

morning starMorning star’s success story

Here’s a company that was on our Bucket List as one of the very first: The Morning Star Company. With a 10% market share Morning Star is the largest tomato processor in the world. Their unique way of working has been extensively described in well-known publications such as the Harvard Business Review and Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations. It is a prime example of a successful self-managing organization with some unique practices in place. The post is a bit longer than what you are used to here, but we didn’t want to shorten it or break it up into two parts. As there’s nothing we want to keep from you, let’s dive into the distinguishing conditions that are essential to Morning Star’s success.

Background Morning Star

The Morning Star Company was founded by Chris Rufer, who is still the sole owner of the company. Since its founding, Morning Star has become the worldwide market leader in tomato processing with total revenues close to 1 billion USD annually. Morning Star permanently employs 600 employees and an additional 4000 seasonal workers join the organization during the 100 day harvesting season.

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