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Role and mission of coach

The coach considers his client as a partner. Together they determine the objective, the framework, and the expected results and the customer remains solely responsible for his own objectives. In this sense, he is the master of content.

The coach is an expert in the coaching process and remains the master of the framework. His role as a partner requires that he be in the position to understand the professional stakes of his client without however being the expert of the business of this one. The coach will ask the right questions, the customer will find his answers.

The aim of coaching is to promote the client’s autonomy, to unleash his potential, to develop his performance, by activating his internal resources to which he alone can access.

The role of the coach is to :

  • Discover and clarify what the client wants to accomplish in order to establish a contract based on a measurable and dated objective, with outcome indicators.
  • Help the client identify his / her motivations, strategies and skills.
  • Show the client all the options available to him.
  • Confront the client with his or her commitments or issues, if it can make it progress.
  • Assist the client in uncovering all the options available to him / her.
  • Helping the customer produce their own solutions and strategies.


The professional coach is supervised to step back and ensure the effectiveness of the process. The coach engages his responsibility, alerts his client when he finds malfunctions and terminates the contract if he considers that it is not possible for him to continue this coaching relationship.


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