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Time management coaching

When you can not organize your time, whether you do todo lists or not, you feel like you’re running out of time, you feel like the days are too short to do everything we’ve planned make. Sometimes it may seem to us that time is passing too quickly, that we waste it on useless things while our to-do list is not empty. It feels like we’re not moving forward.

The most overwhelming of all this is when we feel that the day has barely begun, it is already almost finished when we have literally done nothing of what we have planned. It is at these times that guilt is waiting for us, we not only feel as if we are failing in our duty, but also of living “beside” our “real life”.

This situation in fact reflects the pressure of many people to constantly “make, move forward, accomplish” and the difficulty of simply “being” in the present moment, without constantly projecting themselves into the future.

If we do not allow ourselves to simply “be”, we feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired … Why? Because we spend our time imposing our duties, judging ourselves, comparing ourselves to “norms” and others. One is never “at the height” because one is always in our head, being absent in our body – the one that connects us to a present moment.

Beyond the “methods” that will help you to “let go”, to set your limits and say no, to sort and prioritize, delegate effectively and focus on essential things, time management coaching will Will help to return to your values, to let emerge what really matters in your life.

You will also be invited to requestion your lifestyle, the objective being to arrange more time for you and allow you to invest yourself in activities that speak to you and that bring you pleasure and well-being.

Once the balance reinstated, you will learn to manage your time by making less effort and being more effective in your actions.


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