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« We don’t know what experience is.
Experience is more what we do
than what happens to us.”
                                                                      Otto Scharmer

Personal and Professional Development

How we work: Focus on Emotional Intelligence and the Regulation of Social Relationships

The great transformations of today’s society affect not only organizations but also individual lives. They cause an upheaval in the coping mechanisms that the individual has put in place to deal with his environment. The constantly changing environment we are facing in fact requires us to constantly readjust our ways of doing and thinking, by showing flexibility, autonomy, creativity and being able to make good decisions quickly.

Successful people have the ability to challenge themselves, to change their perspective, to have a global vision of the situation, while preserving their balance. This is called resilience.

Being resilient means being able to bounce back after a failure and perceive any ordeal as an opportunity to grow.

We know today thanks to the work of Daniel Goleman that the level of emotional intelligence (EI) et social (ESI) of the individual makes it possible to predict his chances of success in life, but is it really enough?

Walter Mischel, researcher at Stanford University, looked at factors that predict the chances of a person’s success. His famous « marshmallow test » demonstrated the decisive role of patience and self-control, measured by the delayed gratification, hence of the child’s ability to resist the urge to eat a marshmallow offered to him, To have two later. It turns out that being able to resist a need for immediate reward predicts the success of the person in all long-term projects.

This conclusion has been confirmed by the neurosciences that have made it possible to measure the activity of the hippocampus – the part of the brain involved in memory that makes it possible to envisage long-term events. Their finding: the hippocampus of subjects who choose deferred reward is more active in similar experiments.

Thus, we can talk about two key factors of success that are Emotional Intelligence and self-control.

The coaching

The professional coaching that we propose takes into consideration these two conditions of success because its objective is to allow the accompanied person to strengthen his social emotional intelligence and to learn to self-regulate his behavior..

To use the definition of ICF (International Coaching Federation),

« Professional coaching is defined as an ongoing relationship within a defined period that allows the client to obtain concrete and measurable results in his / her professional and personal life. Through the coaching process, the client deepens his knowledge, improves his performance and increases his level of satisfaction in life ».

The objectives of individual coaching (examples) :

  • Give his company a relevant orientation, choose its allies and define ad hoc structures
  • Establish a successful delegation that focuses on the core missions
  • To animate his team with the maximum efficiency and enthusiasm
  • Reconciling professional and personal obligations
  • Exercise responsibility more effectively
  • Dealing with more or less important changes in the environment
  • Restoring a difficult managerial situation
  • Reorienting your career
  • Identify its stakes and be able to perform faster in its grasp of a new position


Benefits of professional coaching


1 – Clarify your goals, set priorities

You do not have to know what you want to change in your life to undertake coaching. If you feel that you are stagnating, not moving forward, not knowing where to start, coaching by a professional coach will help you clarify your life or career goals. You should know that the clear vision of what you want to accomplish is the first condition for successe.

2 – Deep self-awareness: Its strengths, brakes, limiting beliefs, resources

It helps to build more positive and more peaceful relationships with oneself and with others. In-depth knowledge of yourself will help you better integrate into your work environment, take action or undertake, and project you more easily into the future.

We integrate in our support the inventory DISC INSIGHTS which allows to evaluate in a targeted way the adequacy between you and the position that you occupy or want to obtain, and to identify the axes of progress adapted to your career objectives.

3 – Lights on blind point(s)

Most of the time, the person is unaware of his blind spots that block his potential for change and fulfillment in life. Our practice has shown that widening one’s level of consciousness releases energies and allows one to engage in action quickly (the goal of coaching!)

4 – Motivation and energy for action

As we all know, motivation and energy are necessary to persevere in achieving the goals we want to achieve. The alliance with the coach throughout the accompaniment will help you to overcome difficult times, avoid pitfalls, maintain motivation and energy to succeed.

As co-active coaches (, we have a holistic approach to the person and consider your life as a whole. We start from the principle that nothing in you needs to be “repaired” or “healed” because you already have everything you need to evolve. Through the questions asked by the coach, we will accompany you to help you mobilize your inner resources and allow you to change your perspective on your situation. The coaching process is co-created and driven by the partnership between the coach and the coachee, but you are its main driver. In order to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of our coaching, we are particularly keen to ensure that the coaching relationship (the coach-coached alliance) takes place in a space of trust, authenticity and non-judgment.

Coaching is an approach that allows the person to reveal himself or herself as a conscious actor of her life, able to make the right choices and make effective decisions.


Who is our coaching for

  • People who wish to re-examine their career goals or who are confronted with a complex professional situation (transition, integration, responsibilities, negotiation, discomfort or loss of sense at work, difficult relationships with the hierarchy or colleagues , Lack of balance between work and personal life, etc.).
  • Leaders and anyone brought to manager a team or collective working to develop a onscious, intentional style of leadership aligned with their values.
  • Women in positions of responsibility or women executives who want to assert their position in the male business world.
  • High potential, gifted adults, creative people and, more generally, all those who wish to give meaning to their lives and careers.
  • Entrepreneurs in the process of creating their business and those who want to boost their performance.


Our methodology is based on the co-operative approach of Coaches Training Institute ( and CRR Global’s systemic coaching ( ;

Focusing on both the person and the system that surrounds him, our approach applies to individual problems and relationships (couples, parent-child relationships, labor relations, teams, etc.). In the latter case, coaching will aim to maximize the positivity of the relationship or team, and to strengthen its resilience in situations of tension or crisis.


We offer our customers a choice of two ways of accompanying :
in the face (at the firm, at the customer’s home or in a company) and at a distance (by skype)
We work in three languages: French, English and Polish



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