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Health and wellbeing in the workplace

Our interventions for companies include:

  • Diagnosis – Studies focusing on conditions / labor relations. This includes: state of play, mobilization of relevant stakeholders, implementation of a plan of action, depolarization, evaluation of actions at a distance.
  • Sensibilisation – Formations on the theme of Quality of Life and Health at Work (QWL): stress and conflict management, prevention of PHI, prevention of burnout, risks related to night work, prevention of harassment at work, Effective communication.
  • Development of E-learning modules on occupational risk prevention (RPS), quality of work life (QWL)
  • Prevention of psychosocial risks (RPS) – Implementation / updating of DUER – Single Risk Assessment Document; Accompaniment of a prevention plan in place.
  • Managerial Practices that Prevent Corporate Social Responsibility – Management through humility and trust: a tool for protecting health and leveraging the welfare of employees.
  • Individual and collective care for employees in situations of suffering at work  (harassment, violence, burnout, stress, workplace accidents, incapacity, etc.); Rehabilitation at the post after a long-term sick leave.



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