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Relationship coaching

Your couple is experiencing a moment of tension or going through a difficult period. Do not panic ! This is perhaps a time to start coaching. In today’s society, where the pressure to succeed is almost omnipresent, many couples, if not their majority, are going through at some point or another a more or less important crisis.

The causes are many. This may be due to difficulties related to the professional sphere, to the education of the children, to a reconstituted family, to a state of health or fatigue, …

If you feel like you are in one of these cases, the important thing is to de-dramatize and, above all, not to believe that it is irremediable. A dozen coaching sessions, sometimes less, may be enough to unblock the situation.

Relationship coaching will focus on three aspects of your relationship. Whether it’s the relationship of a couple, parent-child or co-worker, our goal will be:

  • Increase the positivity of your relationship
  • Decrease the negativity of your relationship
  • Develop strategies to effectively anticipate and manage difficult situations


Systemic ORSC relationship coaching allows you to develop systemic relational intelligence, empathy and the ability to see the situation with the eyes of the other. By being able to approach the different relational situations from the systemic point of view, you will find in the future alone find solutions that align all members of your system and allow you to build constructive relationships.


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