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Coaches supervision

You are in training or certification in coaching, you are a young coach at the beginning of your career, you accompany cases that sometimes give you a hard time, you wonder about your professional practice. All these reasons are good for undertaking supervision.

In addition, most organizations that certify today coaches ask them to be supervised.

To meet your needs and to support you in your practice, we offer you a quality supervision by a certified coach, CPC, CPCC, trained in various coaching approaches including systemic coaching.

As a certified senior coach, I am very happy to support the professionalization of coaches. I am convinced that coaching is a job for the future. All the recent studies agree (Etude ICF 2014 – Notoriété du coaching), the activity of coaching is growing rapidly everywhere in the world. The motivations most often mentioned by the beneficiaries who undertook coaching:

  • Optimize professional efficiency
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Or balance personal / professional life.


Since I strongly believe in the power of coaching as a lever of transformation, I will be happy to accompany you on this exciting journey that has made my life for 20 years. Being a catalyst for the transformation of others, being part of the process that reveals the person’s strengths and talents, seeing her grow and reinvent her life, what more fulfilling!

What can you expect from supervision? It will allow you to take ownership of the idea that the customer is naturally creative, resourceful and complete ; that the role of coach is not to guide, but to accompany the person on the path she chooses for herself. You will become aware of the overall approach of the client and his life, and finally we will discuss the issue of how to bring about the transformation as well as other unavoidable points to become a high level professional.

During supervision, you will work your coach posture to make your impact more conscious and intentional, and thereby better serve your clients. Supervision will be a space where you will develop the essential skills for a coach:

Balance between being and doing, listening ability, questioning, resonance, authenticity, presence of coach, …

To answer a question from several of you, the supervision will also be an opportunity to to address questions related to your business: marketing, expansion or diversification of business, business plan, added value, website, etc.

What are the main benefits of supervision for the coachee?

  • stimulates personal and professional development
  • addresses ethical issues
  • allows to update uncertainties and vulnerabilities
  • proposes a reflection on the question of the limits
  • addresses the risks associated with professional ethics and reduces risks for the coach and his clients
  • offers an opportunity to put itself in a meta position in relation to a client, his own competence and his practice,
  • helps develop a multi-faceted view of the client, competence, practice


In short, supervision will help you to:

  • ask yourself good questions
  • work his coach’s posture
  • identify one’s coaching style
  • overcome its blockages and to evolve thanks to the external view
  • tackle difficult cases and analyze their difficulties in order to evolve their skills




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