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The Teal paradigm (in French Opale) was born out of an observation that the classic mode of management of the company (top-down mode or command-control) is no longer adapted to a current societal context and still less to aspirations of those who work. (cf page Health and wellbeing in the workplace)

The opal companies, also called, according to the book by Isaak Getz, « Liberté et Cie » , “liberated enterprise”, refer us to a new way of thinking about organizations and modes of cooperation at work. The essence of the “opal revolution”, inspired by the book of Frédéric Laloux « Reinventing organizations », is to put human and well-being at work at the center of managerial concerns (cf Conference « Reinventing organizations »)

In practical terms, the experience of many organizations inspired by the Teal paradigm confirms that people are happy at work and motivated when the company that employs them trusts them when they feel they are contributing to the mission of their organization. Organization, and when they develop a responsibility for their business through decentralized decision-making.

Many cases of these companies in France, to name but a few, Favi, Chrono-flex, Poult, …, and abroad, Buurtzorg, Sun, Morning Star, AES, Semco, Zappos, …, show that not only are the productivity of these companies not falling, but that they are better off than others in motivating their employees and in reducing the turnover significantly.

On the other hand, because they have incorporated creativity and collective intelligence into their operating procedures, these enlightened organizations are more agile and resilient in the unstable or unpredictable context.

With their “organic” vision of the company centered on the human, they understood that it is not the material advantages that make people happy, but it is the quality of the link to work, collaboration, Authenticity, the ability to use one’s skills as well as participation in important decisions.

The essence of what distinguishes them from classical organizations (in the language of the Dynamic Spiral, “orange organizations”) can be summarized as follows:

  • Principle of self-governance (example: soliciting advice as a means of decision-making)
  • Authenticity as a value incarnated and encouraged by the company
  • Commitment of employees in the collective mission
  • Transparency of information and wages
  • Accountability through autonomy allowing everyone to organize their work
  • Collective involvement in strategic decisions for the company


Looking at the number of innovative companies and startups who have already taken the Teal route, and those who are preparing to take the plunge, it is necessary to realize that this is not a But the global transformation of our society that is awakening and realizes that we need to rethink our organizations to make them less alienated, less technocratic and more human-centered.

Being convinced that we are only at the beginning of this important societal transformation whose stakes for the future are enormous, we have co-created the Teal for Teal Community Paris, a part of the international network Teal for Teal (www.teal4tealparis.comwww.tealforteal.com

Our community, which brings together external and internal stakeholders (consultants, startupers, managers, employees, entrepreneurs, etc.), has been conceived as a friendly space where everyone can reflect and explore freely the different facets of the Opal paradigm Professional practice, supported by the collective intelligence of a group of peers who share the same values.

Our mission is to promote Teal values ​​within the organizations enhancing awareness of different stakeholders, providing organizations with expertise, and finally, offering our support to those wishing to go Teal.

Teal for Teal Paris ( is aimed at organizations in the broadest sense of the term: companies, associations, schools, hospitals and any other collective that wishes to draw inspiration from collective intelligence and adopt participatory methods.

Teal for Teal Paris meets each third Friday of the month from 6:30 pm to 9 pm at the Falstaff Café, Bastille Metro, Paris 11.

If you are interested in your ideas, if you are engaged in a Teal project, or simply want to familiarize yourself with the different approaches to managerial innovation, and be supported by exceptional group of people, contact us at:

(+33) 681.764.346

or by email

The more Teal values ​​we have, the easier it will be to be heard by decision-makers for our society to change! Now!