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Work life balance coaching

The balance in life has several aspects. It depends on different areas of your existence and the place you give them (Two secrets of success : life balance and growth mindset). Your core values ​​also play a decisive role in how you feel about balance in your life. The sensation of imbalance arises at different points in our journey, often after an important event. A dismissal, a break, a birth, a loss of a loved one or any other crisis situation can trigger a feeling of tension or even lack of balance. You feel that the life you have had until now no longer corresponds to you, you have a sensation of suffocation, you no longer feel in your place. Rest assured, all this is normal, and even positive! Life is a constant movement. You simply need to grow and build a new balance that will better match your current aspirations. In this journey, the coach will be there to guide you through the fog, to help you stay tuned to you, your body, your emotions the time it takes. And then he will accompany you in the action towards the new equilibrium that you wish to establish in your life, for what that is why you appealed to him.


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