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International Coach and Trained Psychologist my main conviction is that making a change is the best way to take care of yourself ! I bring this idea into my work with clients on a daily basis. As a coach, I’m helping people in both corporate and career issues.

“Change” is a magic word! It means new and discovery. It correlates with learning and growth. Change is also closely connected to creativity. Inspired by the issue of social trust as action – my ongoing PhD subject – I strongly believe increasing your Self-Trust is the most efficient way to achieve your goals. That’s’ why I’m supporting people in making a Big Leap in their lives and career, by building their Self-Confidence and cultivating the ability to trust others.

You can understand change in different ways. For some people to change means to achieve a goal and to have tangible results. For others to change is feeling more fulfilled and balanced in life, or being deeply aligned with their personal values. You can also look at change from the overall perspective of movement of life. Because nothing in our existence is granted forever as far as life itself is a constant movement, change can be understood as the acceptance of different stages of life and being positive about it. My coaching work focused on caring attitude you need to develop toward yourself, can help you to make those three kinds of changes in your life.

My coaching method works best for CEO’s, gifted adults, creative professions and persons who aspire to a more meaningful life and career.

If you have an issue that can’t wait and all this resonates with you, feel free to contact me.

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